Research publications (Green access)

Here is a sample of recent published papers by academics in the CDT in Fluid Dynamics.

Green Open Access

Paper & Links DOI Research Theme(s)
Wang, Y, Jimack, P K & Walkley, M A. A one-field monolithic fictitious domain method for fluid-structure interactions. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanicss and Engineering, 317, 1146-1168, 2017. DOI Other
Khatir, Z, Kubiak,K J, Jimack, P K & Mathia, T G. Dropwise condensation heat transfer process optimisation on superhydrophobic surfaces using a multi-disciplinary approach. Applied Thermal Engineering, 106, 1337-1344, 2016. DOI Microflows & Heat Transfer
Wareing, C.J., Woolley, R.M., Fairweather, M., and Falle, S.A.E.G., A Composite Equation of State for the Modeling of Sonic Carbon Dioxide Jets in Carbon Capture and Storage Scenarios, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal, Vol. 59, No. 10, pp. 3928-3942, 2013. DOI Reacting Flows, Mixing & Safety
Colombo, M., and Fairweather, M., RANS Simulation of Bubble Coalescence and Break-Up in Bubbly Two-Phase Flows, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 146, No. 1, pp. 207-225, 2016. DOI Particulate Flows, Sediments and Rheology
Njobuenwu, D.O., and Fairweather, M., Simulation of Inertial Fibre Orientation in Turbulent Flow, Physics of Fluids, Vol. 28, No. 6, 063307, 2016. DOI Reacting Flows, Mixing & Safety
McIlroy, C, Harlen, OG and Morrison, NF (2013) Modelling the jetting of dilute polymer solutions in drop-on-demand inkjet printing. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 201. 17 - 28. ISSN 0377-0257. DOI Particulate Flows, Sediments & Rheology
Harlen, OG, Mathues, W, Mcllroy, C et al. (2015) Capillary breakup of suspensions near pinch-off. Physics of Fluids, 27 (9). 093301. ISSN 1089-7666. DOI Particulate Flows, Sediments & Rheology
Hoyle, DM, Auhl, D, Harlen, OG et al. (3 more authors) (2014) Large amplitude oscillatory shear and Fourier transform rheology analysis of branched polymer melts. Journal of Rheology, 58 (4). 969 - 997. ISSN 0148-6055. DOI Particulate Flows, Sediments & Rheology
Dorrell, R.M., Peakall, J., Sumner, E.J., Parsons, D.R., Darby, S.E., Wynn, R.B., Ozsoy, E. and Tezcan, D. (2016), Flow dynamics and mixing processes in hydraulic jump arrays: Implications for channel-lobe transition zones. Marine Geology, 381, 181-193. DOI Environmental Flows, Geophysical Flows
Dorrell, R.D., Darby, S.E., Peakall, J., Sumner, E.J., Parsons, D.R. and Wynn, R.B. (2013), Superelevation and overspill control secondary flow dynamics in submarine channels. Journal of Geophysical Research, 118, (8), 3895-3915. DOI Environmental Flows, Geophysical Flows
Sumner, E.J., Peakall, J., Dorrell, R.M., Parsons, D.R., Darby, S.E., Wynn, R.B., McPhail, S.D., Perrett, J., Webb, A. and White, D. (2014), Driven around the bend: spatial evolution and controls on the orientation of helical bend flow in a natural submarine gravity current. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119, (2), 898-913. DOI Environmental Flows, Geophysical Flows
J. Pohl, H.M. Thompson, R.C. Schlaps, S. Shahpar, V. Fico, G.A. Clayton, ‘Innovative turbine stator well design using a kriging assisted optimization method’ to appear in Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 2017. DOI Microflows & Heat Transfer
C.A. Gilkeson, H.M. Thompson, M.C.T. Wilson and P.H. Gaskell, ‘Quantifying Passive Ventilation within Small Livestock Trailers using Computational Fluid Dynamics’ Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 124, 84-99, 2016. DOI Microflows & Heat Transfer
A. Al-Damook, N. Kapur, J.L. Summers, H.M. Thompson, ‘An experimental and computational investigation of thermal air flows through perforated pin heat sinks’, Applied Thermal Engineering, 89, 365-376, 2015. DOI Microflows & Heat Transfer
M. Tatchell-Evans, N. Kapur, J. Summers, H. Thompson, D. Oldham, ‘An experimental and theoretical investigation of the extent of bypass air within data centres employing aisle containment, and its impact on power consumption’, Applied Energy, 186, 457-469, 2016. DOI Microflows & Heat Transfer
S. Veremieiev, H.M. Thompson, P.H. Gaskell, ‘Free-surface film flow over topography: full three-dimensional finite element solutions’, Computers and Fluids, 122, 66-82, 2015. DOI Other