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Learn more about Fluid Dynamics

The collection of blog posts below, written by some of our CDT students, will teach you about important properties of fluids, finding out how each influences the way a fluid moves and how we see their impact in the real-world.

Surface Tension

Did you ever wonder how a paperclip can float on water, when you might normally expect it to sink under its weight? Its all down to surface tension! Find out more about how surface tension allows unbelivable fluid dynamics phenonmenon arise in this blog post by Ciara Higham.


When you swim deeper in a swimming pool, the pressure you feel increases because of the increased force from the fluid above you, which is weighed down by gravity. Learn more about why this is the case and other pressure applications in this blog post by Greg Walton.


Density can determine anything from why objects sink or float to how the land-sea breezes work under convection. Learn more about density in this blog post by Yatin Darbar.


Despite the size difference, flow through a sink drain and a tornado are down to the exact same fluid dynamics principle, vorticity! Find out more about how this swirling phenonmenon impacts our everyday life in this blog post by Joseph Myers Hill.


Have you ever wondered why when trying to pour honey it is so much more difficult than pouring water? This is because honey has a much greater viscosity than water. Read this blog post by Emily Butler about viscosity to find out how it impacts a wide range of materials, even allowing them to seemingly break the laws of physics!