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CDT Fluid Dynamics research areas

Our EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Fluid Dynamics is a collaboration between the Faculties of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Environment, Biological Sciences, and Medicine and Health.

Fluid Dynamics has a well-founded theoretical base in mathematical and physical sciences based on continuum mechanics. This, together with established experimental and computational techniques, underpins our "Foundations of Fluids” module, which forms the core of the taught programme. Our research focus builds out from these foundations through training in, and the development of, new analytical, computational and experimental methodologies (second circle in the diagram above), enabling us to tackle increasingly complex and challenging problems on an ever faster timescale. The breadth of application areas addressed by the CDT is a key strength of Fluid Dynamics at Leeds and individual research projects will frequently involve both methodological development and an application, often in collaboration with one of our external partners (outer layer of diagram above) .

The Centre aims to train tomorrow's leaders and innovators in fluid dynamics. Our cohort approach provides an excellent training environment, enabling: peer support for the formal modules that develop underpinning technical expertise; group-based projects that build communication and team-working skills alongside application knowledge; and continuous professional development (CPD) with peer-support throughout the PhD to develop the breadth of skills and experience sought by employers.

60 students over five years have the opportunity to undertake postgraduate research study in all areas of fluid dynamics, both contributing to our knowledge and understanding of this important discipline, but also training you in research methods that will be applicable in R&D for many years to come.