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Outreach Activities

Fluid Dynamics KS3 Photography Competition

CDT students facilitate an annual photography competition, where school stduents can submit images or videos, alongside explanation, of fluid dynamics phenomenon occuring in their everyday lives. Prizes include Amazon vouchers and free entry into Maths city!

Be Curious

Be Curious is an annual event ran by the Unviersity of Leeds. It is an opportunity to showcase the vast range of research being carried out at the Unversity to the local community!

Reach for Excellence

The Reach for Excellence scheme facilitates an opportunity for college level students (in year 12 and 13) to be exposed to research and university life. The fluids CDT regularly carries out session as part of the Reach for Excellence week, to demonstrate experiments within fluid dynamics.

The Power of STEM

The Power of STEM series branches off from the Reach for Excellence programme as a series of sessions designed to expose students to areas of STEM research. The Fluids CDT offered sessions titled 'Fantastic fluids and where to find them'.

Maths City