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Fluid Dynamics KS3 Photography Competition


What is Fluid Dynamics? Have you ever wondered why water spins down a plug hole? Why bubbles are round? Or why on the weather report they talk about high and low pressure? All these questions can be answered if you know a little something about fluid dynamics! But what is fluid dynamics? A fluid is something...

Government review on face coverings and COVID-19


A review was published on 14th  October 2021 on face coverings and COVID-19, with CDT Deputy Director Cath Noakes contributing to this as a member of the respiratory evidence panel. In summary, airborne transmission happens, ventilation is important, face coverings can be effective if they are good quality and fit well. The full review can be...

CDT Deputy Director elected as RAEng fellow


Academy celebrates first new Fellows elected under Fit for the Future diversity initiative The Royal Academy of Engineering has elected 69 leading figures in the field of engineering and technology to its Fellowship, including our very own LIFD Deputy Director Prof Cath Noakes. The group consists of 60 Fellows, four International Fellows and five Honorary...

The ‘hidden’ science critical to economic success


Leading scientists say the UK risks being overtaken as a world leader in a key area of science and technology unless there is greater investment in research facilities and training. Fluid dynamics, which sits at the intersection between maths, physics and engineering, is used to model the way liquids, gases or plasmas behave in natural...

CDT Twitter Conference 2021 Winner


Congratulations to CDT student Yatin Darbar who was given the Judges Award for his entry at the CDT Twitter Conference on Wednesday 21st July - "Multiscale Understanding of Real-Life Performance of Masks and Visualising their effectiveness." The judges were Professor Luke Windsor and Dr Tony Bromley. Yatin was awarded a £50 Amazon voucher. View Yatin...

Workplaces, transport and NHS under spotlight in new COVID-19 reports


Prof Cath Noakes is a co-author for two new reports commissioned by the Government's Chief Scientific Advisor. Improving ventilation in workplaces and public transport and fears of NHS overload during the pandemic are highlighted in the reports. Read the full article, 'Workplaces, transport and NHS under spotlight in new COVID-19 reports'.  

The Power of STEM – CDT Series


The Power of STEM Young researchers at four Doctoral Training Centres within the Faculty have invited year 12 students who are studying a STEM A-Level subject to join them each Wednesday in May to explore the power of STEM. They have been delving into research about Fantastic Fluids and where to Find them, Saving lives...

MHMT'21 Conference Publication Award


Congratulations to CDT student Foteini Zagklavara who recently had her first paper published, which she presented at the 6th World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'21) online in June 2021. Foteini was also given the Best Paper Award for this submission. Read her paper, 'Numerical Modelling and Analysis of a Microfluidic PCR Device'. 

Best poster prize at Fluids Symposium 2021


Congratulations to second year CDT student, Giulia Fedrizzi who won best poster at the 2021 Fluids Symposium, which took place online on 16th and 17th June. Giulia's poster can be viewed on the online poster gallery page. View all abstracts and posters from the Symposium.

Prof Cath Noakes argues for a ventilation revolution to fight this pandemic


“It's no good just having a recirculating air-conditioning unit...What we need to do is let fresh air in from outside.” CDT Co-Director, Prof Cath Noakes argues for a ventilation revolution, to fight this pandemic and the next. Read the full article, 'Clearing the air- how to protect people from airborne transmission of the Coronavirus.