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The dynamics of atmospheric rotors

Academic lead
Dr Andrew Ross, School of Earth and Environment,
Industrial lead
Dr Peter Sheridan, Met Office,
Dr Amirul Khan, School of Civil Engineering,, Prof Simon Vosper, Met Office,
Project themes
Environmental Flows, Underpinning Methods for Fluid Dynamics

Turbulent atmospheric rotors in the boundary layer associated with mountain lee waves can be a major hazard to aviation. This collaborative project with the Met Office will utilise unique observations from a LIDAR installed on East Falklands, along with an archive of high resolution forecasts to study the detailed structure and turbulence in these rotors and their interaction with the lee waves which force them. Depending on the interests of the student this could lead to the development of new parametrisations of turbulence/shear to improve hazard forecasting, the development of machine learning techniques for feature extraction from the LIDAR observations, or the use of machine learning to forecast likely lee wave activity.