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Testing and optimising a novel wave-energy device

Academic lead
Onno Bokhove (Mathematics)
Industrial lead
Sean MacCarthy, Hydrotec Consulting Ltd
Duncan Borman (Civil Engineering)
Project themes
Environmental Flows, Industrial Processes, Underpinning Methods for Fluid Dynamics

In August 2013, preliminary tests were undertaken in which a working proof-of-principle was established of the novel wave-energy device, in a 1.2m by 0.2m x 0.2m tank, with a hand-driven wavemaker, a wave-activated buoy moving in the vertical, and by using deconstructed Faraday/shaking lights to create a linear direct-drive generator. The experiments were built and set-up in The Netherlands by Onno Bokhove together with inventor/ designer Ir. Wout Zweers and was inspired by their bore-soliton-splash. The generated power was visualized using an Arduinoscope (an oscilloscope built using Arduino technology) or LED-lights as loads. No further systematic tests were undertaken, because attention was first directed to establishing a complete mathematical and numerical wave-to-wire model of the set-up, which formulation was finished recently and reported in [1,2]. This comprehensive model includes the nonlinear water-wave motion, the (constrained) wave-activated buoy motion as well as the electro-magnetic generator; the latter model was derived directly from Maxwell’s equations based on first principles. The device was well-received at EWTEC2019 and the experts encouraged further modeling and testing, which is the purpose of the PhD project.

Figure 1: Sketches of the new wave-energy device. See [1,2]


[1] O. Bokhove, A. Kalogirou, D. Henry, and G. P. Thomas 2019: A novel wave-energy device with enhanced wave amplification and induction actuator. Proceedings European Wave and Tidal Energy Conf. (EWTEC2019), Aug. 30th to Sept. 6th, Napoli, Italy, 9pp. 

[2] O. Bokhove, A. Kalogirou, W. Zweers 2019: From bore-soliton-splash to a new wave-to-wire wave-energy model. Water Waves 1, 217-258. 

[3] A.F.O. Falcao 2010: Wave energy utilization: A review of the technologies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 14, 899-918.