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Challenges for Inkjet Technology: Dynamic Surface Tension

Academic lead
Dr Oliver Harlen (School of Mathematics)
Industrial lead
Changlong Sun, Ricoh UK Products Ltd
Dr Mark Walkley (School of Computing), Prof Nik Kapur (School of Mechanical Engineering)
Project themes
Microflows & heat transfer, Particulate flows, sediments & rheology

Inkjet printing requires the precise generation and deposition of very small drops of liquid. It is widely used in graphical printing and is rapidly developing as a manufacturing technology. The processes of jetting and drop formation is strongly affected by fluid and surface rheology, which may be complex, particularly under the extreme conditions of high shear and extensions rates that occur during jetting. Currently it is difficult to predict whether a particular ink formulation will be “jettable”.  The aim of this project is to develop a mathematical model that will enable jetting characteristics to be predicted more accurately