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CDT student experiences

In 2019, we asked some of our current CDT students what drew them to the CDT, and what the benefit has been so far being a CDT student at Leeds:

Megan Bickle, third year 'The CDT provided me with the luxury of time to gain a real understanding of the breadth of possibilities open to me within fluid dynamics as well as the skills and confidence to believe I could tackle any one of those possibilities successfully'.

I've been supported and encouraged by both the CDT management and my peers in applying for and successfully obtaining the nationally competitive EPSRC RISE Connectors Award as well as one of three annual policy internships offered by Defra. These opportunities mean that not only have I developed more than the required academic skill set but I have also created a network that will be invaluable in the future'.

Khaled Al-Gaithi, final year 'The CDT helped me develop a strong and comprehensive background in fluid dynamics, especially in the MSc year. The MSc team project where I worked with two mathematicians was a great opportunity to work with people from a different background. I have been working on an industrial project with Dupont Teijin Films and CDT allowing me to apply theoretical and numerical techniques to solve a real and applied problem'.

Andrew Clarke, third year 'I found that the CDT offered a valuable opportunity to see a wide range of subjects before committing to a single research area. The cohort structure allows for enhanced teamwork and collaboration with other students, which creates a great environment for study and research'.

Dami Adekanye, second year 'I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics because of its integrated MSc and PhD program. The MSc delivers a solid foundation in the relevant theory, and the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of potential research areas before committing to a specific project. There are also great opportunities for continual professional development of both technical and soft skills'.

Eleanor Harvey, second year 'Being a part of the CDT programme has given me great exposure to a broad range of research on both academic and industrial platforms and the MSc element has also provided a solid grounding in theoretical, numerical and experimental techniques. This combination has given me both the skill set and freedom to make a fully informed decision in choosing a rewarding PhD project suited to my interests'.