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Usamah Adia

Background: I graduated from the University of Hull with an MEng in chemical engineering. I enjoyed the fluid mechanics module, leading to my MEng research project on investigating the multiphase flow over a plate in a distillation column using the CFD software Ansys Fluent.  

Research Interests:  I am currently exposing myself to the many different aspects of fluid dynamics. I have a strong interest in the application of machine learning in solving fluid dynamic problems. With a specific interest in biomedical/astrophysical flows. I am open to other subject areas as I learn about the different applications of fluid dynamics.  

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics:  After my MEng research project, I knew I wanted a future in fluid dynamics, but I was unsure of the exact path to take. The CDT would allow me to build a solid foundation in fluid dynamics then later specialise and choose a research project that could take me outside of my undergraduate discipline.