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Luke Barratt

Background: I graduated with a First-Class Honours MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Coventry University in 2023. During my degree, I undertook 4 major research projects (2 individual, 2 group) covering aerodynamic flows within the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. CFD was a primary part of all these projects, using it to study turbulent flow features within a car’s catalytic converter; vortex generation across aircraft wings; and to study the effects of aerofoil design modification on the impact of leading-edge erosion on wind turbine performance.

Research Interests: My primary interest is in CFD and using it to solve novel problems in the wide range of areas offered within the CDT at Leeds (in particular, aerodynamics, turbulent transition, and wind energy). I am also interested in using CFD and experimental techniques in tandem.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: My interest in fluid dynamics began in the first year of my undergraduate studies and only grew stronger throughout the four years. This led to wanting to undertake a PhD in the field. The CDT provided me with the perfect chance to further my understanding of fluid dynamics, to work alongside like-minded people, and, finally, to allow myself time to develop an understanding of the areas I wish to study for my project.