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Jose Florido

Background: I graduated from the University of Leeds with a MEng in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering in 2021. For both my final bachelor project and master’s year project I chose projects related to fluid dynamics out of interest: utilising computational fluid dynamics to better understand flight in ground effect; and using machine learning enabled CFD in aircraft design optimisation.

Research Interests: Whilst I am interested in projects within the aerospace field because of my undergraduate studies and previous experience with CFD, as part of my CDT training I would also like to explore different applications of fluid dynamics (for example astrophysical flows) so I can have a wider array of experience.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: I chose the CDT in fluid dynamics to gain further experience in the field of fluid dynamics outside of the aerospace applications I had already worked on during my undergraduate. I was also drawn to the many professional development opportunities associated with doing this CDT, allowing me to grow as a professional whilst still pursuing a topic of interest for my PhD project.