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Greg Walton

PhD Project Title
Adaptive mesh refinement for fluid-structure interaction in three-dimensions


I graduated from the University of Manchester with a MEng in Aerospace Engineering in 2016. After spending an enjoyable two years in industry working as a graduate engineer, I felt it was time to return to academia to pursue postgraduate study.

Research Interests

Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is an important design consideration across a range of engineering applications, include aerodynamics, bio-medical sciences and flow-induced vibrations. Due to the highly non-linear nature of the coupled solid-fluid system, alongside the inherent time-dependency of the FSI problem, numerical modelling of FSI is often computationally challenging. Large deformations in three-dimensions contributes further to the computational expense. The resulting system of equations can often be prohibitively large to solve using traditional numerical approaches.

This research project aims to assess the feasibility in developing a efficient methodology using mesh adaptivity and other cost reduction techniques, such as preconditioning, within a novel finite element framework.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The Fluid Dynamics CDT at Leeds provides continual learning alongside independent research within a well structured course. This has given me the opportunity to explore problem areas before undertaking my research. The community within the CDT allows us to share our research and discuss ideas with our peers.