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Girindra Ramgobin

I graduated with a 1st class BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 2019. Thereafter, I worked as a graduate engineer at GIBB (Mauritius) Ltd, a consulting firm specialising in water treatment and public infrastructure projects. My experience with CFD stems from my final year bachelor's degree project, where I investigated the interaction between biochemistry and haemodynamics in human blood vessels using ANSYS.

Research Interests

Even though I come from a biomedical CFD background, I have always been amazed by the application of CFD in high technology/performance areas such as motorsports and aerospace. I am eager to explore the even wider areas offered within the CDT at Leeds.

Why I chose this CDT:
I chose this CDT particularly for its comprehensive MSc/ PhD structure and the fact that it allows for the discovery of multiple areas of research before making the final choice regarding the PhD project. The cohort based approach also really appealed to me. I am excited to learn from my peers and researchers who come from different backgrounds, yet share the same passion for the subject.

What I do in my free time:
I enjoy swimming, mountain biking and tennis during my free time! Also a huge Formula 1 nerd.