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Georgina Williams

Senior Fire Engineer
PhD Project Title
Segregation in High Concentration Particulate Flows 


I completed my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Loughborough University. My final project investigated the historical implementation of clean piped water supplies in built-up urban areas and the application for comparable modern situations and I was awarded the Civil and Building Engineering Prize 2011. After my undergraduate degree I spent three years in secondary level mathematics education achieving qualified teacher status and successfully completing the induction year. I am actively involved in university outreach work with this age group alongside my studies.

Research Interests

I am looking at the flow characteristics of sand injectites. Sand injectites are high concentration flows that occur when the migration of a fluid through a sediment bed causes the sediment to become fluidised. Specifically I am investigating the movement of particles of a range of sizes during injectite formation and over time both experimentally and through numerical simulation. These types of flows are of high importance in characterising the productivity of hydrocarbon reservoirs but also cause damage to flood defences and frequently occur as a result of seismic activity.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics as it is both interdisciplinary and has an integrated taught-masters element allowing me to cultivate essential skills for the successful completion of a PhD. The CDT also offers a good choice of projects and the time for interests to develop alongside potential supervisors before final project selection.