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Damilola Adekanye

Data Scientist
First Light Fusion
PhD project title
Massively Parallelized Models of Fluid-Solid Multiphase Flow


I graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MEng degree in Civil Engineering. During my degree I consistently enjoyed the fluid dynamics modules and this motivated me to pursue a post-graduate degree in the discipline.

Research Interests

PhD Project Title: Massively Parallelized Models of Fluid-Solid Multiphase Flow

Project Description:
Fluid-solid multiphase flows are ubiquitous in environmental and industrial fluid dynamics. Examples include sediment transport in environmental flows; from mountain rivers to deep oceans, wastewater transport in pipes, combustion dynamics, and pharmaceutical production.

In environmental systems the hydrodynamics of the flow (e.g. rivers, turbidity currents etc.) are dependent on the morphodynamics of the sediment bed. An important problem in the numerical modelling of environmental flows is achieving efficient coupling between the transport of particulate material within a flow, and the processes of aggradation and/or erosion of stationary particulate material from the boundaries. This challenge has remained largely unresolved as particle transport is controlled by the small-scale processes of turbulent flow whilst the system scales of interest may be many orders of magnitude larger. Understanding of the coupling between hydro and morphodynamics is essential in land and marine use management and geohazard prediction and mitigation.

In this research project, an in-house lattice Boltzmann method code, which was written to run on massively parallel graphics processing units, will be developed further and applied to the study of fluid-solid multiphase flows with environmental context.

 Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics because of its integrated MSc and PhD program. Although my first degree included a number of fluid dynamics related modules, I thought I would benefit from a more solid foundation in the relevant theory before beginning my PhD. The MSc year also provided me with the opportunity to view a wide range of potential research areas before committing to a specific project.