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Atif Ali

Background: I studied an integrated Master in Aerospace Engineering (MEng) at the University of Hertfordshire. During my final undergraduate year (3rd year) I conducted an extensive CFD study of the Aerodynamic Interactions of Tandem Wing and Aerofoil Configurations. Throughout my Master’s year, I was responsible for the Aerodynamic design, optimisation and analysis of a Shell Eco-marathon car using a CFD approach.

Research Interests: My research interests are in the development and use of CFD code for solving fluid flow problems as well as improving current methods and models to acquire increased accuracy and prediction. I am also interested in understanding fundamental Fluid Dynamics areas such as boundary layer theory, transitional flows, and turbulence modelling through various ranging from experimental to computational.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: I want to apply my knowledge and skills to understand and improve modern CFD codes through higher fidelity of modelling and change in methodology. The CDT exposes me to a range of skills and knowledge which will facilitate me in achieving this goal.