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MSc team project students publication


Congratulations to our students on the publication of a journal paper from their MSc team project! "On the near-field interaction of vertically offset turbulent plumes" with external mentor from the Met Office (student authors Megan Richards, Seun Coker, Jose I. L. Florido, Rhiannon Nicholls)

Abstract: The flow in and around a pair of plumes from sources that are vertically and horizontally offset is investigated. An analytical potential flow model is developed using an adapted version of the Milne–Thomson circle theorem to represent the flow due to adjacent circular and point sinks. This approximates the horizontal section through offset plumes, which have differing radii at the same vertical position. The predictions of this model are compared against Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) simulations of the same system. These yield time-averaged results and so are particularly suitable for investigating the relatively weak entrainment field. Single and double plume results from RANS are also presented to compare with known results. Good agreement is found between the features in the analytical model and in the numerical solutions including the location of the stagnation point between the two plumes.

Read the full journal article, ''On the near-field interaction of vertically offset turbulent plumes''.