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Fluid Dynamics KS3 Photography Competition


What is Fluid Dynamics?

Have you ever wondered why water spins down a plug hole? Why bubbles are round? Or why on the weather report they talk about high and low pressure? All these questions can be answered if you know a little something about fluid dynamics!

But what is fluid dynamics? A fluid is something that flows, such as gases and liquids, and the dynamics are their movements when they flow.  Fluid flows are all around us and understanding how and why they flow the way they do is important to our everyday lives.

Some of our CDT students have written blog posts to teach you about important properties of fluids, finding out how each influences the way a fluid moves and how we see their impact in the real-world.

Capturing fluid dynamics – KS3 Photography competition

Fluid dynamics is not only interesting, it can be beautiful! Take for example the planet Jupiter. The giant gas planet has storms which result in beautiful patterns on the surface. In 2016, the Juno space mission arrived at Jupiter and took many photos of the lesser seen north and south poles, shown in the photo below. These photos were very important to scientists and helped increase their understanding of the physical processes going on at the surface and in the interior of Jupiter.

Figure 1: See more photos of Jupiter.

Scientific photography, such as the photos from the Juno mission, can be incredibly helpful in improving our understanding of the world.

Explore fluids and scientific photography in our National Schools KS3 Fluid Dynamics Photography Competition 2021-2022. Find out more information about the KS3 Fluid Dynamics Photography competiton.