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Seun Coker

Background: I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and Master’s in Aerodynamics and Computation from the University of Southampton. For my Bachelor’s dissertation, I investigated the effects of a rotating channel flow on turbulence statistics and structures, while my Master’s dissertation looked into stall cell behaviour on a fixed wing. I have two years of work experience as an Engineer in the engine industry. Also, I worked as a summer research assistant investigating dispersion of multiphase flows. 

Research Interests: At present, I don’t have a particular research interest. I’m keen to explore different areas of fluid dynamics.  

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: The CDT offers me an opportunity to explore different areas of fluid dynamics without committing to any research area. Working with other students from different academic backgrounds appealed to me. The structure of the CDT encourages teamwork and collaboration, which I was keen to be involved in.