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Rory Hetherington

Computational Fluid Dynamicist
PhD Project Title
Aerodynamic action on inclined stranded cables in cable-stayed bridges


I graduated from Newcastle University with an MMath degree, focusing in my final year on topics in physics and applied mathematics. My first introduction to fluid dynamics was in the third year of my degree when I studied the aerodynamics of flight. I then gained further exposure to fluids during a module on instabilities and turbulence. Before joining the CDT I was working as a data analyst in the Oil and Gas industry.

Research Interests

I am currently researching the effects of inclination on flow-induced vibration of circular cylinders. Fluid flow past cylindrical structures arises frequently in various engineering and environmental applications. A few notable examples are: aircraft landing gear; mooring cables and oil risers; and cable-stayed bridges. With regards to cable-stayed bridges, interaction between the fluid and structure can cause damaging vibration, even at low wind speeds. My research investigates wake formation of inclined stranded/straked structures, and the mechanism which causes vibration. The above research question is investigated through experimental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Outside of my research topic I have a broad interest in the use of CFD in the engineering industry.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The CDT provides the opportunity to develop theoretical, computation and experimental techniques on a diverse range of problems. The program allows you to build upon your undergraduate work and expand into different research areas.