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Robin Furze

I graduated from The University of Leeds with a 1st class BSc and MPhys in Theoretical Physics in 2011. More recently, I completed an MSc in Medical Engineering at Leeds in 2022 having spent the intervening period as a Chartered Accountant. As part of my integrated Masters I undertook a research project exploring the unfolding of proteins in blood flow, while my MSc culminated in a project focused on rapid microfluidic mixing.

Research interests:
My interests primarily lay in medical and biological flows. However, I want to use the early stages of the CDT to explore the wider applications of fluid dynamics that I haven’t previously studied.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics:
The projects I undertook at undergraduate and masters level reinforced an interest in fluid dynamics that I gained while studying introductory modules. The CDT in Fluid Dynamics offered a way to further explore this area while developing solid research skills alongside offering training in current techniques from a broad range of disciplines. The structure of the programme, coupled with the multidisciplinary approach convinced me that the CDT was more aligned with my approach than traditional PhD programmes.