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Reece Coyle

PhD project title
Spatially localized states in the Zhang—Vinals equation


My previous education includes a BA in Mathematics with Film/TV, undertaken at Aberystwyth University (2010-13), and more recently an MSc in Mathematical Modelling, University of Birmingham (2016-17).

Research Interests

My research includes applying analytical and numerical techniques to problems in nonlinear dynamics to investigate the formation of oscillons within pattern forming systems. Oscillons are localised and time dependent states among a featureless background. Experimentally they have been found to exist in nongranular media (Lioubashevski et al. 1999) and current work involves exploring the Zhang-Vinals equations (Zhang and Vinals 1996) for localised states.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I chose the CDT not only for the great mix of CFD software and theory, but for the chance to learn in a cohort with a variety of backgrounds.