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Luke Driver

Background: Originally from Slough (South West of London). Graduated from Hull University in 2021 with a MEng in Chemical Engineering, primarily focusing on modelling biodiesel production through novel heterogeneous catalysis of waste oils for my final year project in Aspen Plus. 

I have gained industrial research experience in the transformation of biodiesel waste into valuable perfumes via batch and cone distillation, utilizing Aspen Plus/HYSYS and validation techniques, with the potential of CFD modelling in the future. Experienced in SolidWorks by designing and modelling realistic chemical process equipment for a VR gaming experience that will be utilised at the University of Hull. 

Research Interests: Nuclear energy, industrial chemical processes, medical flows, biofuels, ML and AI. 

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: Apart from the CDT being the most comprehensive MSc/PhD Fluid Dynamics course in the area (in my opinion), with research alignment in many of the topical areas I’m interested in, and a heavy focus for personal development. I also wanted to be part of a close-knit scientific community of likeminded individuals, with the ability of interdisciplinary collaboration.