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Joe Myers Hill

Doctoral Prize Fellowship
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds
PhD Project Title
Residence time distributions and return time statistics in fluid mixing: understanding and enhancing chaotic mixing


I spent my undergraduate degree studying maths at the University of Sheffield and the University of Barcelona. A general interest in analysis from my first couple years there led me to choose several courses exploring its applications, such as mechanics, fluid dynamics, and MHD.

Research Interests

I look at fluid mixing from a dynamical systems perspective, in particular mixing by chaotic advection (essentially stirring). Rather than relying on turbulence, this approach involves a continual process of stretching and folding, modelled using area-preserving hyperbolic dynamical systems. The mathematical framework for understanding these systems’ long term behaviour is ergodic theory, in which recurrence is a key concept. I’m interested in how a quantitative study of recurrence (i.e. measuring return times) can inform design principles for realistic mixing devices, where factors such as boundary regions must be taken into account.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The opportunity to take some more taught causes before settling on a research topic appealed to me, alongside being part of a student cohort. The wide range of example projects and work experience placements in industry made Leeds an easy choice.