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Giulia Fedrizzi

PhD Project Title
Interplay Between Two-Phase Flow and Rock Mechanics: Exploring the Geometric Patterns and Rheology of Melt-Rock Mixtures


I graduated from the University of Padova (Italy) with a BSc and MSc in geology. I became interested in fluid dynamics during my semester at ETH Zurich in the first year of my master, where I studied the viscous flow of the Earth’s mantle. After going back to Padova, my research in this topic continued with the study of the viscosity of two-phase earth materials.

Project Summary

My research involves numerical modelling of melt flow through solid rocks in the Earth's lower crust. Phenomena active during partial melting leave distinctive geometrical patterns in the distribution of what used to be melt, which we can use to study the solidified rocks now found on the Earth's surface. By analysing these structures through numerical experiments, I aim to understand the conditions under which these rocks originally formed.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I was interested in numerical modelling and flow simulation, and the CDT in Fluid Dynamics offered the perfect opportunity to strengthen my mathematical and programming skills. Additionally, the multidisciplinary focus and the cohort approach made it very appealing to me.