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Emily Butler

PhD project Title: An investigation of the Fluid Structure Interaction in articular cartilage across disparate scales. 

Background: I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a MMath in Mathematics in 2020. During my undergraduate degree, I focussed my learning in in the field of applied mathematics, particularly in fluid dynamics. A summer research placement in computational fluid dynamics really sparked my interest in both research and fluid dynamics. This project was an investigation into transient turbulent structures arising in pipe flow using direct numerical simulations.

Research Interests: I used the first year of the CDT to focus my broad range of fluid dynamics research interest to biological applications. As a result of this I selected my PhD to study the fluid structure interaction in articular cartilage across disparate scales. This was an attractive project choice due to its multidisciplinary nature and close connection with clinicians.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: A summer research placement in the field of Fluid Dynamics sparked my interest in the area. I was eager to carry out a PhD in Fluid Dynamics, however since I was unsure of the exact topic, the MSc year of the CDT would provide the opportunity to explore several areas and consolidate my fluids knowledge. I really liked the idea of the cohort based approach and the vast range of opportunities that could arise from the interdisciplinary nature of the CDT.