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Eleanor Harvey

Rolls Royce
PhD project title
Conventional and Cryogenic Cooling for Machining Operations


I studied Mathematics at the University of Manchester. During my time there I enjoyed the applied maths modules that I studied and the fluids modules in particular.

Research Interests

My PhD project is in collaboration with Sandvik, an engineering group with expertise in metal cutting. Managing tool temperatures in machining operations is essential in order to ensure adequate tool life when working with hard to cut materials such as those used in aerospace and automotive engine components.
My project focuses on the development of experimental and computational techniques for the modelling of coolants in machining. Initially, we focused on the heat transfer and distribution of conventional water based coolants which are widely used today in the manufacturing industry. Results of this work, and subsequent optimization studies, have lead to ongoing investigations into a new coolant channel design.
In the second half of my PhD we extended the scope of the project to include the modelling of cryogenic coolants, as they have potential to be used as the cutting fluids of the future. Using compressible fluid dynamics and specialized equations of state, the heat transfer potential for liquid carbon-dioxide is investigated using CFD along with a specially developed experimental rig.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I was particularly attracted to the multidisciplinary environment of the CDT and the opportunity to get a good grounding in the subject as a result of the integrated masters and PhD. The history of collaboration with industry was also a key factor in my choice as I am interested in pursuing a project with an industrial alignment.