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Dominykas Buta

Background: I graduated from the University of Leeds with BEng in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. Throughout my studies, I mostly concentrated on the thermofluid modules and completed a number of competition winning engineering design team projects. In the midst of my studies, I completed my placement year at Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd., where as part of the R&D project team developing hydrogen-fired appliances I designed and constructed test rigs for development work and also developed now patented air-gas mixing solution for prototype appliances. 

Research Interests: I’m mostly interested in pursuing industrial research projects related to the aerospace sector. My interests lay in areas of aerodynamics, combustion and propulsion, where themes that interest me most are flow control, fluid-structure interaction, super/hypersonic flowsheat transfer, reacting flows, and mixing. 

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: Undertaken projects, events and experiences shaped my interests and passions that allow wide range of sciences to be applied. Appreciating the breadth and depth of potential possibilities of career development paths it can lead to, developed the need to specialise and desire to explore beyond the frontier of current knowledge. Recognizing former together with my developed interest in fluid dynamics caused by experiences while exploring my interests and passions, has made me very enthusiastic about the unique opportunity that is offered by CDT in Fluid Dynamics. I believe that a cohort-based environment will enable me to acquire inter-disciplinary knowledge, further enhance academic, technical and transferable skills and build confidence for my future career.