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Daniel Richards

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Tasmania
PhD project title
The Dynamics of Anisotropic Viscous Flows


I graduated with an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from Cambridge, and then briefly worked in Formula 1 as an aerodynamicist.

Research Interests

My PhD is based on understanding anisotropic fluid flow, specifically in ice. Ice flows as a very viscous fluid, but due to its crystal structure can develop viscous anisotropy: where the viscosity can vary by a factor of 9 in different directions. My research is aimed at improving our understanding and modelling of this interaction, which is key for prediction of the mass loss from the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, and hence key for predicting sea-level rise.

Generally, my interest now is the interface between fluid dynamics and glaciology or climate sciences, especially where problems are mathematically rich. I'm also interested in novel numerical techniques for solving these.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The cohort nature really appealed to me, having people you can work with as opposed to being on your own is a big advantage. I also really liked Leeds as a city, it’s not too expensive but there’s also a lot to do.