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Connor Rohmann-Shaw

Simulation Engineer
Wilde Analysis Ltd.
PhD project title
Application of CFD to Fighter Aircraft Fuel System


I graduated with a BEng in Naval Architecture from Newcastle University and then went on to gain an MSc (Res) in Aerodynamics and Aerostructures from University of Sheffield. My thesis was "The effects of blade tip design on the aerodynamic performance of the vertical-axis wind turbine blade", using CFD to model various design configurations in order to understand the best ways of mitigating 3D flow losses.

Research Interests

My previous research interests have mainly been focused on the engineering applications of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, leading me to develop a deep interest in the broader field of fluid dynamics. In terms of future research, the scope of fluid dynamics is huge and encompasses such a vast array of different problems and curiosities, so I am completely open and excited at the moment to see what the future will hold.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

Despite already having an MSc, I chose the CDT over going straight into a PhD for a number of reasons. The first year offers a great opportunity to gain a rigorous foundation in fluids. Coming from an engineering background, it has definitely helped allow me to fill in the gaps of knowledge and gain tools to serve me well later in my PhD. The cohort nature is also great, as we are from a variety of different academic backgrounds there is definite a collaborative feel, with people's skill sets complimenting one another well. The CDT also has an emphasis on industrial links as well as academics, so there is the chance to work on interesting projects and make good ties for the future. The range of research interests of the professors here are very diverse, and so getting to know them and their work is very informative before having to choose which PhD project to pursue.