Caroline Marshall


I graduated with an MPhys in Physics at the University of Swansea in 2012. In my final year, I studied path integrals in quantum mechanics and field theory, specifically I calculated the partition functions of the free particle and the harmonic oscillator. Since graduation, I completed teacher training and spent a year teaching secondary science. I am keen to continue using the skills I learned as a teacher in the future.

Research Interests

I’m not yet sure what area of fluid dynamics I would like to focus on during my PhD. I would like to find a project that makes good use of my undergraduate degree.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The CDT appealed to me because of the industrial links and strongly interdisciplinary nature of the course. As a large group, we will be able to support and encourage each other along the way. Additionally, the opportunity to meet and spend time with the supervisors before choosing a project is brilliant.