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Andrew Oates

Senior Engineer (CFD Hazard Modelling)
BAE Systems Maritime
Project Title
Coupling of 3D hydrodynamic and biokinetic growth models for recovery of energy from the wastewater treatment processes.


I graduated with a Masters in Maths and Physics from the University of Manchester 2015. During my time there I found a passion for applied mathematics, specifically Fluid Dynamics, picking as many fluid related modules as I could. During the master I did two projects, one was Mathematically Modelling Neurons and the second was Diffusion in Aerosol Particles.

Research Interests

My research interests are currently in Computational Fluid Dynamics and applying it to engineering applications to improve understanding and the efficiency in these applications. I am particularly interested in multi-phase problems, mass transfer, bubble dynamics and the power generation sector. My current focus is using CFD tools to replicate Wastewater Treatment processes accurately to then use CFD to make reliable modifications to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and, in some specific processes, increase energy production.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I enjoyed the theory side of fluid dynamics during my undergraduate but did not get an opportunity to learn the applications. The masters year will give me the necessary skills and time to go over some of the previous fluid dynamics as well as learn new skills such as CFD and numerical techniques. Additionally, the group 'cohort' environment means students of different backgrounds work together and learn from each other. The CDT offers a chance to work with industry, learn the applied areas of fluid dynamics that I did not previously have and be prepared for a PhD in Fluid Dynamics.