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Amber Brennan

PhD project title
Modelling Bioaerosol Dispersion due to Shower Heads


I graduated in 2016 with an Integrated Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng/BEng) from the University of Leeds. During my studies I completed a summer research internship based in convection cooling of server units and electronics. This stemmed from choosing to focus my studies in the realm of Aerodynamics with Computational Fluid Dynamics in my penultimate year, and something I further studied in the postgraduate element of my course.

As part of this course I completed two dissertations, both based in medical engineering, using Finite Element Analysis to explore mechanical modulation of vertebral body growth for scoliosis progression, and realistic haptic feedback simulation of soft tissues in lumbar puncture. I then spent a year working in areas related to building surveying and services, and design engineering. In my spare time I teach and train in martial arts, competing at an international level with a keen interest in disability integration in sport.

Research Interests

Indoor airflow quality and impact of heat transfer in airborne/waterborne infections and diseases.

Why I Chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

My background has been quite diverse and has allowed me to experience many different disciplines including civil, mechanical and medical engineering. This multidisciplinary experience is something which is a key aspect of the course. My previous academic experience also allowed me to develop some skills in fluid dynamics and was something I wanted to pursue further due to the broad nature of the subject, which I believed to be a good match to my previous experiences.