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Alex Lang

Background: I studied mathematics at the University of Bristol and graduated with an MSci in 2020. I studied mostly applied maths modules which included some fluid dynamics and mathematical biology, these were the areas I enjoyed most and so chose to complete my final year project on the hydrodynamics of swimming bacteria. 

Research Interests: At this point, I’m keeping an open mind and looking forward to learning more about the different research areas within fluid dynamics.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: The CDT really appealed to me as I knew I wanted to study for a PhD in the broad area of fluid dynamics but I wasn’t certain of what kind project I would like to do. The taught component of the course and the interdisciplinary nature of the CDT means that I can be exposed to a wide range of research themes in fluid dynamics before choosing a specific project. I also like the cohort structure of the CDT programme, it’s great to have other students from different backgrounds to work and collaborate with.