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Alasdair Roy

PhD Project Title
Realising reduced order models for heat transfer problems via Data Assimilation and Machine Learning


I studied Physics and Maths at Glasgow University and graduated with MSci in July 2019. My main modules involved fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics and MHD. My dissertation focussed on instability formation in thin-liquid films, specifically to the application of foam fracture experiments.

Research Interests

I have continued interest in topics around my dissertation and hydrodynamic instability theory in general. I would like to continue research in these areas, but I am also open to changing my research area.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

After taking a dissertation in thin-films, I realised that I had a strong interest in continuing research in a related field. My dissertation was definitely the most rewarding aspect of my undergraduate and led me apply to Leeds. The CDT offered the chance for me to broaden my skills in this area and gain more experimental experience. Leeds University already has a strong fluids network with large fluids conferences and many fluids related seminars which I could attend and guide my research interests.