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Abhimanyu Gaur

Background: Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, a master’s program in Mechanical Engineering with majors in Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, and Scientific Communication. 

Research Interests: Low Reynolds Number Hydrodynamics, Particle Settling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Analytical & Numerical Solutions Techniques, Natural Flows, Computational Mechanics, Flow of Immiscible Fluids, Interfacial Flows, Aerodynamics, Machine Learning with Fluid Dynamics, Special problem related to Fluid Dynamics. 

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics: EPSRC CDT Fluid Dynamics at University of Leeds is well established, it has created a world class platform for research and able to address almost any problem which can be related to Fluid Dynamics. It provides exposure to interdisciplinary network which is encouraging for the research activities.