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Fluids Symposium 2019

Wednesday 19 June 2019, 09:30–16:30
University of Leeds

Fluid dynamics sits at the centre of our lives. The weather we experience, the products we use, the food we eat, cars we drive, medical care we receive all depend on fluid dynamics. The ability to measure, model and predict fluid flows is therefore critically important to the innovation of processes and products across almost all industries, and to the monitoring and prediction of environmental processes.

The Symposium brings together leading researchers in different fields within Fluid Dynamics, to share latest results and ideas related to real world phenomena. This year's speakers include:

-Helen Wilson, University College London
-David Abrahams, Isaac Newton Institute
-Andrew Baggaley, Newcastle University
-Pallavi Bhat, University of Leeds
-Maarten van Reeuwijk, Imperial College London
-Cathryn Birch, University of Leeds
-Sergii Veremieiev, Durham University

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