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Liam Gray

Fluid Dynamics Scientist
PhD project title
Predicting spray carry over through computational modelling


From 2013-2017 I studied for an Integrated Masters of Mathematics degree at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Whilst at UEA I undertook several modules closely linked to fluid dynamics including: oceanography, slow viscous flow, theory of water waves and many more. For my third year project I looked at leapfrogging vortex rings. My fourth year project looked at the contour dynamics of axisymmetric vortex rings. These two projects gave me my first look at research and from then I knew it was an area I wanted to pursue.

Research Interests

My current interests surround multi-phase flows, in particular spray-droplet dynamics. This includes the vast range of physical processes that comprise the topic: coalescence, breakup, evaporation and droplet-wall interaction.

My PhD project is focused on the fate of droplets after impacting curved surfaces, specifically deodorant sprays impacting the underarm. Most of my time is dedicated to building a numerical model within ANSYS Fluent 19.2 which incorporates the carrier jet and droplet physics and also post processing using MATLAB, Python and CFD-Post. I have also spent time demonstrating on modules relevant to my project which include: Design Optimisation (CIVE5024M) and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (MECH5770M).

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The CDT at Leeds is a great way to partake in a multidisciplinary PhD program. From a mathematics background my work was all theoretical, and from this I had not gained any lab experience. Since starting at the CDT I have been introduced to a wide range of measurement techniques used in the lab and at the same time my numerical and theoretical skills have been reinforced. The CDT also offers a strong connection to industry and this was another very appealing factor in why I chose the CDT.

Conference/Symposium attendance

Leeds Fluids Symposium (Leeds, June 2017), UK Fluids Conference  (Manchester, September 2018), Fundamentals of Aerosol Science (Birmingham, November 2018), LIFD Launch event (Leeds, January 2019), LIFD Colloquium (Leeds, March 2019), Droplet SIG (Leeds, April 2019), Multiphase SIG (Glasgow, May 2019), Leeds Fluids Symposium (Leeds, June 2019), UK Fluids Conference (Cambridge, August 2019, Poster presented), ILASS Europe (Paris, September 2019), Droplet SIG (Oxford, January 2020)

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