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Khaled Al-Ghaithi

Postdoctoral Researcher
University Of Oxford
PhD Project Title
Fluid Mechanics of Printed Electronics


Before joining the CDT Fluid Dymamics, I did a BEng in petroleum engineering. The course included engineering sciences (e.g. fluid mechanics, heat transfer, design projects) as well as earth sciences (e.g. geology, seismic interpretation, reservoir engineering/simulation). Projects I was involved in during the BEng degree include Ethylene from Ethane, Heat Exchanger Design and the Rotliegend Narural Gas Play. I also did a summer internship with Total E&P Yemen.

Research Interests

Droplet dynamics, viscoelastic fluids, multiphase flow and fluid flow simulations are some of the areas I am interested in. My MSc project studied the effect of viscoelasticity on spray performance using experiments as well as simulations. Currently I am doing my PhD on the Fluid Mechanics of Printing. The project is supervised by academics from the University of Leeds as well as experts from the industry. The project investigates droplet impact, coalescence and drop-wall interactions using fluid flow simulations and experiments.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The CDT Fluid Dynamics Leeds brings together expertise in fluid dynamics from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. The program is also designed to form a strong background in fluids within the first year. The projects within the CDT are both academically interesting and have potential for industry involvement and collaboration. Internships in the industry, another academic institute or research centre are also supported by the CDT.