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Jacob Anderson

PhD project title
Simulation of behavioural modification effects on multiphase flows


I studied Mathematics at Newcastle University, where fluid dynamics is a key research area for the university’s maths and physics department. During my time at Newcastle, it was the fluids modules that I found to be the most engaging—partially due to the passionate lecturers that I was fortunate enough to have. Once this interest was sparked, it seemed like a natural progression to study fluids further.

Research Interests

My project title is ‘Simulation of Behavioural Modification Effects in Multiphase Flows’. The research is of particular interest to Sellafield Ltd who part-fund the project due to its application to particle transport in pipe flows containing nuclear waste. Current work involves coupling micron-scale particle physics to direct numerical simulation CFD code. The bulk of the work has involved extending existing models valid for spherical particles to nonspherical particle geometries.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The integrated MSc/PhD approach offers a unique opportunity to gain a broad exposure to the field of Fluid Dynamics before specialising in one area. This is a great chance for personal development, as well as an opportunity to boost one’s employability.

Each cohort of students contains a variety of backgrounds; so, collaboration occurs naturally. This develops a number of key skills—namely teamwork, presentation, demonstration and verbal communication. There is a rich base of knowledge to make use of, which will prove to be very useful throughout both the masters and the PhD.

Personally, I was enticed by the strong links with industry and I look forward to completing my PhD working alongside Sellafield Ltd.