Islam Salem


I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds, I graduated with a bachelor of engineering degree in 2017. The course was very challenging due to the fact that the modules taught were of different disciplines, however it was very satisfying and adventurous. Amongst those modules were the Fluid Mechanics ones which were very interesting and amusing. This interest in Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics was developed further in my final year dissertation where I investigated the effect of a reservoir rock geometry on the efficiency of oil displacement by water.

Research Interests

Currently I am keeping an open mind on the PhD subject that I want to pursue, however two particularly interesting areas are:

  • 3D and 2D modelling of multiphase flow in an oil reservoir.
  • Aerodynamics and drag reduction.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I have enjoyed the research aspect of my final year project so much; the freedom at which one can analyse and investigate unanswered questions is very satisfying. Therefore, continuing on academically was the only plausible route for me to take. Moreover given my interest in Fluid Dynamics, the CDT provided an ideal opportunity where one can mature as a fluid dynamics researcher and learn the necessary and key skills to tackle a demanding PhD project.